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Judge who allegedly said “being gay is an abomination to mankind” would like to keep judging mankind

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Related: ‘Religious freedom’ now threatens PrEP coverage thanks to a Texas judgeAccording to the NY Daily News, Thompson, who has still been enjoying her annual salary of $210,900 while not hearing cases, is alleged to have said, “I hate these gay white men” and “being gay is an abomination to mankind.” She also allegedly referred to an openly gay judge as “fat now, from all of the evil of what he’s doing.”And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.On another occasion, she reportedly said, “I do not like Hispanic people.

They have a deceitful trait that goes way back to biblical times. The men are always stealing, and the women are no better. They lie, steal, and use their vaginas for anything they want.”Thompson has filed a suit seeking reinstatement, claiming to be the victim of a targeted attack from the Office of Court Administration.“I was subjected to a retaliatory suspension as a result of protected activity I engaged in after I reported questionable and likely unlawful conduct by the public administrator responsible for administrating the estates of such decedents,” Thompson claimed in April, according to the Law Journal.Related: Gay people can’t be judges as they can’t be ‘fair and objective’ says pastor“This case isn’t about racial bias, corruption, being a whistleblower, or anything else alleged in her filing,” court system spokesman Lucian Chalfen countered to the publication. “It is about serious misconduct on her part raising troubling questions regarding her fitness to sit on the bench.”Thompson responded to the Daily News reporting that, “I’m entitled to my day in court, to my right of confrontation, and to my right of cross-examination.

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