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Gemma Collins, 42, 'ready for fertility journey' after Tana Ramsay, 49, welcomed 6th child

TOWIE icon Gemma Collins has revealed she's 'ready to start her fertility journey' after Tana Ramsay welcoming her sixth child at the age of 49 has given her new hope.The reality TV star, 42, admitted that Tana's exciting news about her bundle of joy has given her hope that she too, can conceive in her 40s. Gemma, who has been with her fiancé Rami Hawash again since lockdown, has faced a series of setbacks in her long fertility battle.The TV legend has been keeping her followers updated on her conception journey, previously saying she "can’t get pregnant", after admitting she’s desperate to have a baby. Now Gemma has new hope after Gordon Ramsay's wife Tanya welcomed their sixth child at the beginning of November.

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