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Mother's Incredible LGBTQ+ Allyship Caught on Video Goes Viral

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A mother of four from Tennessee has been hailed for an epic demonstration of allyship captured on video.During a meeting of the Maury County Board of Trustees on October 26, 33-year-old Jessee Graham got up to speak from the heart as she addressed the recent resignation of the public library director.

After months of controversy over a Pride month display that included LGBTQ+ Brooks, Zachary Fox had resigned. Graham had a few things to say and she did not hold back.Across TikTok and Twitter, a video of the passionate, heartfelt speech gained more than 2 million views."These people have been with us this entire time, and we have never had a problem with it," she says, gesturing at LGBTQ+ supporters in the crowd."They have never done any of the vile and disgusting things that that man and his weird cronies have leaked out of their mouths."She was referring to Maury County Commissioner Aaron Miller."I've never been sexually assaulted at a drag show, but I have been in church twice," Graham says in the video. "The men at the church told me it was my fault."Miller and politicians like him, she says, "moved from another place to come here and tell us that the community that we love, we are related to, we are friends with — they babysit our kids, we work with them — that they're dangerous!

That's bulls**t!"Turning to acknowledge the LGBTQ+ people behind her, she says, "They haven't done anything to anyone."She says, "I am so sick of listening to this weird, fake pious crap about Christianity being the reason behind, 'We have to protect the kids.' Jesus didn't go anywhere and condemn people!

He did not ever walk into any place, spew hatred and lies, and completely annihilate a group of human beings who just want to exist.""Why.

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