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Trump Jr. Raises New Theory About Nashville Shooter

Twitter regarding the unreleased writings of the Nashville, Tennessee, school shooter.The investigation continues into the March 27 shooting at the Covenant School in which a 28-year-old believed to have been a former student opened fire, killing three students and three faculty members, before being killed by responding officers. Police initially identified the shooter as Audrey Hale, though it has since been found that Hale identified as a transgender man online and went by the name Aiden Hale.If the FBI continues to refuse to release the Nashville Trans Terrorist’s manifesto, the only conclusion we can make is that it is far worse than we could even imagine and that the threat of future attacks from this radical and growing group is greater than we thought!!!A search of Hale's belongings turned up a series of writings that have been dubbed a "manifesto" by some, detailing the shooter's plan to target the Covenant School and at least two other schools.

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