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Tucker Carlson Says Trans Movement 'Natural Enemy' of Christianity

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned viewers that the "trans movement is targeting Christians" because they are "its natural enemy."Carlson made his comments during his signature show on Tuesday night, a day after 28-year-old Audrey Hale—who police said identified as trans—entered The Covenant School in Nashville armed with two assault-style rifles and a handgun.

The host told his audience that he saw the attack coming, having previously warned of the alleged dangers posed by trans people.The trans community actually faces high rates of violence and discrimination in U.S.

society and across the world, as testified by several studies and polls. But on Tuesday, Carlson argued that the trans movement is getting "militant and possibly dangerous" and claimed that the movement's alleged anger is targeted "specifically at traditional Christians."According to the television host, the trans community is in direct opposition to Christianity and its values.

He then added that his "fears [of the trans community] were confirmed" on Monday with Hale's shooting rampage.Hale, who police confirmed was female at birth but used he/him pronouns, was killed by police at the scene.

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