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Even Hugh Jackman can’t save Broadway’s revival of ‘The Music Man’

The Music Man has posted its closing notice and will play its last performance on January 1, 2023. The big-budget show attracted screaming Wolverine fans and Broadway groupies clamoring to see effervescent Tony winner Sutton Foster opposite Jackman, but even their combined star power couldn’t keep the musical, capitalized at $24 million, afloat.The pandemic delayed the production’s opening, followed by allegations of workplace abuse against lead producer and notorious Broadway bad boy Scott Rudin, who was quickly replaced with British producer Kate Horton.

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Taron Egerton gives thirsty fans an eyeful in just a towel
Welsh actor Taron Egerton was serving Continental Baths realness on Instagram this week.Clad only in a towel, the Rocketman star grooved to the Bee Gee’s 1977 hit “More Than A Woman.”The clip quickly found its way to Twitter, where it proved to be quite a hit:Good morning to Taron Egerton’s Instagram stories… ??— Evan ?????? (@_evanalrighty) February 1, 2022Related: Watch the exact moment Taron Egerton learns about gay sex slangHere’s how some viewers reacted:I going have to lie down now for an hour or two.— Christopher Tilley (@SF_Chris) February 1, 2022Now THIS is the reason The Goddess gave us social media!— eugelicious (@eugelicious1) February 1, 2022I’ve never wanted to be a towel so bad— Danny (@nutnnice562) February 1, 2022Am I pregnant now?— Kev or Kevin (@Grumpy_bear22) February 1, 2022Egerton’s physique, which he appears all too happy to share with fans, has added fuel to rumors he’ll soon join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the next iteration of Wolverine.Men’s Fitness reported: “The Welsh actor’s newly jacked physique has once again prompted widespread speculation that he is getting ready to make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the newest incarnation of the beloved X-Men character Wolverine. Egerton, who is friends with legacy Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman after starring alongside him in Eddie the Eagle, has been at the center of casting rumors for years now, although he has downplayed them in the past.”And last month at Comic-Con, Wolverine director Matthew Vaughan said, “I think Taron could do it in his sleep.