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Backlash as Braun Uses Trans Model in Shaving Pic — 'Bud Light Treatment'

bottom of the page.Multiple users blasted the company on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), calling for a mass boycott of the brand, as happened with Bud Light.Braun, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, told Newsweek: "This is one of hundreds of images on our site showing people using our products—all of which are reflective of the consumers we serve."Chris Elston, known as Billboard Chris, an activist who says he is: "Traveling the world to expose gender ideology and why children cannot consent to medical transition," weighed in on the story.He said: "Braun is now celebrating the mutilation cult of gender."Conservative personality Ian Miles Cheong wrote: "Braun has gone the way of Gillette and Bud Light."A disgruntled social media user commented: "@Braun Ladies and gents, please show ALL the men in your life this ad. Apparently, Braun thinks a woman with a mastectomy is actually a man.

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