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Irish gay actor Andrew Scott opens up about finding confidence to come out through early acting roles

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Irish actor Andrew Scott, who stars in the upcoming and highly-anticipated queer film All of Us Strangers opposite Paul Mescal, opened up about how his early acting roles gave him the courage and confidence to come out as gay. According to Scott, his journey as an actor began when he started taking elocution lessons in his youth to help him overcome what the actor refers to as a “really bad lisp”.“Eventually it was speech and drama classes,” Scott told The New York Times. “I was so shy and terrified, but then someone would say, ‘Get up and do an improvisation,’ and some part of me felt…free.”As a teenager, Andrew Scott recalls some of his first acting gigs involved being cast in gay roles, even though he was still closeted at the time.

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