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PHOTOS: This year’s Comic-Con was all about Kens and cute guys in Spandex

smokin’ hot nerds.One of the annual conventions great traditions is cosplay, a portmanteau of “costume play”—which is to say, it’s about dressing up as one’s favorite characters from movies, video games, comics, etc… It’s basically drag!And, lucky us, there are a whole host of superheroes (and other eccentric pop personas) with bulging muscles and revealing wardrobes, meaning the cosplay at Comic-Con can get pretty revealing.With that in mind, we’ve assembled a collection of photos showcasing the best of the festivities, from skin-tight Spandex to big-time Ken-ergy to a surprisingly hot interpretation of the robot WALL-E (yes, really!). Click through to see Comic-Con’s most snatched cosplayers that definitely had us sweating underneath our capes.View Full PostCoincidentally, cosplay invaded movie theaters across the country this past weekend, too, with audiences donning their pretty, pink best to see the biggest movie of the year, Barbie.

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