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Lil Nas X Calls Out Hypocrisy Behind 'Industry Baby' Music Video Backlash: 'Y'all Hate Gay People'

Lil Nas X is not afraid to shut down any homophobic comments after releasing his «Industry Baby» music video.The singer dropped his prison-themed video on Friday, following a teaser that featured him playing himself, the lawyers, the sole juror and the judge that sentences him to five years in «Montero State Prison.» The music video shows the outcome of that sentence, with Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow breaking out of prison in a Sesque escape. Much like the reception to his «Montero (Call Me By Your Name)» music video, the 22-year-old GRAMMY winner was immediately confronted with backlash about being too sexual and pushing an «agenda.» The artist responded to several users on Twitter who claimed that Lil Nas X was using the video to "corrupt

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