Kathy Najimy: Last News


A busy mall bathroom, Paris Hilton’s robber, & Barbra Streisand’s note to a young gay

Queen’s previously unreleased track “Face It Alone,” then catch up on the latest from Gay TikTok:Eric Sedeño found his Uber.♬ original sound – ThickyRickyAustin Tibbatts took a bath outside.A vintage Kathy Najimy clip resurfaced.The boy who channeled Barbra Streisand got a note from Babs herself.BYU boys gave a serve.Alex Wolf kept the mall bathroom busy.Maluma danced to his new song.Guncle Mikey took his niece for a ride.Paris Hilton came face-to-face with her robber.And Tom Hanson clapped back at a homophobic heckler.

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