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The “hate gay Halloween parties” meme reveals Gay Twitter™’s most niche (& hilarious) costumes this year

ghosting ghost things, and the opportunity to be someone else, just for one night.To be fair, the assumed tradition is that of cult-favorite teen film Mean Girls: “Halloween is the one night of the year when a girl gay can dress like a total slut, and no other girls gays can say anything about it.” And on the app formerly known as Twitter, there have been no shortage of spandex nor jockstraps this year.hate going to gay halloween parties, what do you mean you’re ina garten’s florist michaelAccording to Visual Capitalist, the most popular Halloween costumes this year include Barbie (and Ken), Spider-Man, Wednesday Addams, Taylor Swift, and Princess Peach.But we all know that the LGBTQ+ community isn’t going to go for the obvious. And the gays who opted for a less-slutty costume weren’t just settling for a cowboy costume from a ripped open bag at Spirit Halloween.

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