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Teacher fired after talking to high school class about gay bears

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here.It seems the lesson did not go down well with some parents.One parent of a child at the school told Fox 8, “It would be really disturbing for me, because it’s not in line with my views, or my family’s views.

We would be open for discussion and conversation afterwards. But it’s not something that I feel like should be brought up and it would aggravate me that it happened to my child.”The teacher told officials it had been her personal choice to share the information to help facilitate a discussion.She was then placed on administrative leave while an investigation took place.

The educator in question had recently been in attendance when the school had a meeting with all staff about the importance of only using approved materials.At the conclusion of the investigation a couple of weeks ago, the teacher was fired.According to ACLU, South Carolina lawmakers are currently mulling 19 different pieces of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.

Several of these relate to schools and education. Some codify the importance of parental approval of teaching materials and threaten schools with reduced funding for potential violations.

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