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More details about Ginni Thomas’ bonkers meeting with the January 6 committee were just revealed

If you were hoping to see footage of extreme right wingnut Ginni Thomas’ testimony before the January 6 committee in this Thursday’s televised hearing, you’re outta luck.Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California, one of the nine members on the bipartisan committee investigating the deadly attack, said the panel didn’t videotape the four-hour interview like they did with several of the other witnesses.Related: With no place left to run, Ginni Thomas begrudgingly agrees to meet with January 6 committee“It was just the agreement reached with her,” Lofgren told MSNBC this week. “And I think it was suitable from all sides.”That means any testimony from Thomas that appears in Thursday’s broadcast will be be shown through a transcript.

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Another major bombshell in Matt Gaetz’s teen sex scandal just dropped
Matt Gaetz‘s teen sex scandal is back in the news.A former aide to Donald Trump testified to the January 6 committee that the anti-LGBTQ Florida congressman pestered the ex-president’s camp for a preemptive presidential pardon relating to the Justice Department’s investigation into his alleged underage sex crimes.Washington Post reports:Johnny McEntee, according to people familiar with his testimony, told investigators that Gaetz told him during a brief meeting “that they are launching an investigation into him or that there’s an investigation into him,” without specifying who was investigating Gaetz.McEntee added that Gaetz told him “he did not do anything wrong but they are trying to make his life hell, and you know, if the president could give him a pardon, that would be great.” Gaetz told McEntee that he had asked White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for a pardon.When asked by committee investigators if he interpreted Gaetz’s request to be in response to the DOJ’s investigation into his alleged underage sex crimes, McEntee replied, “I think that was the context, yes.” He also said was couldn’t remember whether the request happened before or after the January 6 insurrection.The Justice Department has been investigating whether Gaetz, who opposes codifying same-sex marriage into federal law and frequently leans into the homophobic narrative about LGBTQ people and drag queens being “groomers”,  paid an underage girl for sex and traveled with her across state lines since the final months of the Trump administration.The probe was initially approved by Attorney General William Barr.Related: Matt Gaetz marks Pride Month by coming out against Drag Queen Story HourIn an email, a spokesperson told the Washington Post:
Of course #ketchup is trending on Twitter after today’s bombshell January 6 hearing
Cassidy Hutchinson, aide to Donald Trump‘s former chief of staff Mark Meadows, testified before the House select committee investigating January 6 today and, man, was it a doozy!The first hour of Hutchinson’s testimony was basically one bombshell after another, without a single break in between. It’s virtually impossible to write a recap because every minute contained new and shocking information, but here are some of the biggest highlights:But the moment that seems to have everyone talking is when Hutchinson described in vivid detail Trump’s reaction to former Attorney General Bill Barr telling the Associated Press that the Department of Justice hadn’t found evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.“I left the office and went down to the dining room and I noticed that the door was propped open and the valet was inside the dining room changing the table cloth off of the dining room table,” she recalled.“He motioned for me to come in and then pointed towards the front of the room near the fireplace mantle and the TV where I first noticed there was ketchup dripping down the wall and there’s a shattered porcelain plate on the floor.”According to Hutchinson, the valet told her Trump was “extremely angry” at Barr “and had thrown his lunch against the wall, which was causing them to have to clean up.”Donald Trump was so upset, he threw his lunch and ketchup dripped down the White House wall.