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Proud Boys disrupt Pride Month library event in South Bend

filmed themselves entering the Tutt branch of the St Joseph County Public LibraryThey entered a side room to the main library space and started to ask librarians what “gives you the right” to talk about sexuality to kids. The small number of kids in the room are seen leaving, while the far-right protestors continue to try to engage with the librarians.“What gives you the right to give them questions of sexuality at such a young age?” asks the man who appears to be the group’s ringleader.“This is perversion and it can’t be taught to children.”One of the librarians points out the children were present with the permission of their parents, but this doesn’t wash with the men, who claim they still have “no right … what you want to do in your own home is up to you, but you can’t force this on children … sexuality is not a place for the library.”Someone, possibly the man filming the encounter, can be heard saying, “You’re grooming these children’s minds.”The librarians remain remarkably calm as they ask the men to leave.

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