Michael Cimino: Last News


Michael Cimino heats things up, ABBA’s new gay icon collab & all the can’t-miss LGBTQ+ releases of the week

Need a boost to get over Hump Day? The Hot Sheet is Queerty’s midweek pop culture catch-up, highlighting the entertainment stories everyone’s talking about, the ones you might’ve missed, and the notable LGBTQ+ film & TV releases in the days ahead. Here’s everything you need to stay in-the-know:ONE-UP: Netflix’s animated Scott Pilgrim Takes Off will delight fans of the 2010 film (its entire cast lends there voices here), but with some fun surprises in store—including the introduction of a new queer romance! [Read all about it on INTO]TIGER PRINCE: Remember Tiger King? Okay, fair enough… Anyway, the notorious Joe Exotic‘s (second) ex-husband Dillon Passage has left that wild life behind; earlier this year, he announced his engagement to Navy vet John Devarti and we’re honestly just happy to see them thriving.A post shared by John Devarti (@devarti_j)SALTY LAD: If you’ve seen Saltburn, you know that fearless star Barry Keoghan was down to get dirty for the role. Literally.

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