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Lily Collins and husband Charlie McDowell pack on PDA with smooches while on 'Danish weekend abroad'

Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell tied-the-knot last September and spent their honeymoon in Europe, making stops at various locales in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.It appears Denmark left a lasting impression on the couple, considering they just made a return trip for a 'Danish weekend abroad…'Using the gorgeous landscape as a backdrop, the actress took to her Instagram page and shared an adorable selfie snap of herself giving her man a kiss on the cheek. Packing on the PDA: Lily Collins, 33, and her new husband Charlie McDowell, 38, shared a few kisses while on a 'weekend abroad' in Denmark For the photo, Collins and McDowell stood just feet from a waterway, as well as an old structure, seemingly a home, on the side of a hill overlooking the shoreline.In a sign there's a chill in the air in Denmark, Collins is seen wearing a tan jacket, while her husband, who's a writer and director, opted to coverup with a brown coat over a black-and-white hoodie.

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Lily Collins laments 'end of an era' after watching dad Phil Collins' Genesis farewell
Phil Collins, 71, on social media as the legendary musician played his last show with Genesis. Fans of the Emily In Paris star were able to see a glimpse of the London show backstage after she uploaded some pictures from the O2 Arena.Lily, who boasts a huge 26 million followers on Instagram, hailed the performance as “the memory of a lifetime” as she thanked the rock band for “the memories''.The carousel featured a series of pictures and videos of the show, as well as two snaps of the actress sitting on top of a storage box branded “Genesis”.Lily captioned the post: ‘Tonite marks the end of an era.“To have witnessed this last show was truly the memory of a lifetime and an event I shall hold in my heart forever.“Endlessly grateful doesn’t begin to do it justice.“So much love was left on that O2 stage and an even bigger amount shared between an audience who didn’t want it to end.” (sic)Lily concluded: “Thank you @genesis_band for the memories, thank you dad for being such an inspiration and thank you @nic_collins for making me the proudest sister there is.“50 years of songs later and still generations more to celebrate you long after this tour has finished…”Fans of the musician replied to Lily’s lengthy statement by also gushing over the musician’s legacy.Collinandchase penned: “Your father will always be my forever musician of all!“To the point where my oldest son was named after him!!“So happy I was able to go to his concert in Long Island late last year!! He will always be the BEST!!!”Dino.massimo typed: “Thank you Phil for the last ~30 Years in my Life.“I will carry so many memories with me!”Michaelwoloszynowicz said: “One of the great bands in the world.