Tiffany Trump: Last News


Tiffany looks like an absolute bargain compared to how much Ivanka’s extra Secret Service detail cost

Shortly before leaving office, Donald Trump extended 24/7 security for six additional months for his entire family, costing taxpayers almost $2 million to protect a privileged group of people who could easily afford to pay for it themselves and who, of yeah, had no actual role in government anymore.Now, The Washington Post reports just how much each of Trump’s adult children cost taxpayers and–surprise!–Ivanka Marie was, by far, the biggest leech of them all.Related: Ivanka won’t let Secret Service use any of her six toilets, resulting in costly bathroom dilemmaIn the six months after she and her family left Washington, D.C., the Secret Service spent nearly $350,000 on airfare, hotels, and rental cars following Ivanka and her husband, Jared

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