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Nepotism baby bops: The good, the bad, and the floppiest songs released by kids of celebrities

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With Madonna daughter Lourdes “Lolahol” Leon storming onto the music scene this week, now feels like a good time to revisit the nepotism baby music hall of fame (or infamy, for some).Music makers who come from fame really run the full gamut.

The range is so drastic that it’s hard to even compile a cohesive list. After all, how does one conflate Natalie Cole’s “This Will Be” with Chet Hanx’ “White Boy Summer” and still sleep at night?Still, we would be remiss as a culture to act like all of these acts happened in a vacuum.

So, let’s talk about it!Here’s a list of some of many heirs who’ve tried their hand at music (to very varying degrees of success):It’s too early to judge just how well Ms.

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