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Ron Johnson changes tune on gay marriage bill: ‘Completely unnecessary’

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A conservative Republican in the U.S. Senate who previously indicated he sees “no reason to oppose” legislation seeking to codify same-sex marriage is changing his tune, calling it “completely unnecessary” in remarks that could undermine efforts to pass the bill.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WIs.) made the remarks during an interview with Wisconsin TV station WISN, saying the Respect for Marriage Act, was simply a political ploy from congressional Democrats about an issue that has already been resolved. “This is just Democrats opening up a wound that had really healed,” Johnson said. “I have always been supportive of civil unions, and the Supreme Court ruled on gay marriage and I said, ‘OK, that’s the decision, let’s move on.’” Johnson, speaking to WISN at the Kenosha County Fair, predicted he think the U.S.

Supreme Court won’t overturn same-sex marriage as it did abortion rights in the recent Dobbs decision, which forms the basis for him calling the measure “completely unnecesary.” “The decision on gay marriage will never be overturned,” Johnson said. “it’s completely different than Roe v.

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