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It took me a long time to come out as bisexual – because I had a boyfriend

In my opinion, there’s double insecurity. I feel that there’s uncertainty about the reaction on both sides: fearing homophobic prejudice from straight groups, and fearing lack of acceptance from queer groups for not being a ‘full’ member (especially if you’re in a relationship that appears to be heterosexual.) It felt like I couldn’t be my full self at family gatherings where ‘queerness’ was an exotic, abstract concept, yet I also couldn’t turn up at a gay bar holding hands with my boyfriend.With lack of representation and role-models in the media (how many bisexualcelebrities can you name?), many people just like me may stay closeted to avoid association with negative stereotypes of hypersexualised, unfaithful, chaotic bisexuals.For people who are already partnered when considering coming out, there’s additional complications. Being bisexual is obviously different to identifying as gay or lesbian in that you can be in a fulfilling straight relationship.

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Michael Henry has prompted a large amount of debate around “heteronormative” relationships and why some same-sex couples choose to marry.In the sketch, a pal informs Michael that two of their mutual acquaintances are going to wed.Michael is shocked: one of the friends in question only came out as gay a couple of years previously. Both Michael and his pal have been out for years but neither are anywhere near getting married or even sure if they want to be.Related: This is how Michael Henry’s dad reacted when he came out as gayThis leads Michael to suggest that people who come out later in life seem more likely to rush into adopting a heteronormative relationship as it’s something they’re more used to.He also wonders why society pressures everyone—gay and straight—to adopt the same sort of relationship template.When his friend tells him he lies to his parents so they don’t know about his sex life, Michael admits, “I lie or don’t tell the full truth about my gay romantic life to my straight friends too because I’m too afraid it’s gonna sound too different to theirs, and I don’t want to be made to feel I’m living some sort of abnormal life.”Michael and his friend conclude that some gay people want to settle in monogamous relationships, while others want “multiple dicks at 1am.” And neither should be considered more normal or better than the other.Related: WATCH: How often does a bottom need to top to call himself versatile?The video has prompted many comments.“I have always felt that the best thing about being gay is that we get to create/define our own unique relationships,” said @GrightRight.