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Some Members of Trans Community Support Ricky Gervais Amid Netflix Backlash

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Netflix has caused a Twitter uproar after he was accused of telling "transphobic" jokes, but some member of the trans community have spoken out in support of him.The Office co-creator's latest stand-up show, titled SuperNature, is dividing opinions online as the debate rages on as to whether the material is offensive and damaging to the trans community.

He's not the first comedian to be called out for supposed "transphobic" material, after Dave Chappelle was also criticized for it in his 2021 Netflix special.The special was released last week and the debate about the true target of his trans-centric material continues to be discussed.

Many accuse the jokes and the special of being insulting to the trans community but other people have reacted in a positive way.Gervais has publicly expressed himself as "pro-trans" in the past and recently told The Spectator that his target isn't "trans folk, but trans activist ideology." The comedian has reacted to a couple of people from the trans-community who've expressed their support for him on Twitter.Journalist and transgender person Debbie Hayton wrote: "Gervais might be privileged— but he uses his position to speak truth to power.

Trans activist ideology has run unchecked for too long, and it is time to call it to account." Gervais thanked Hayton for this and replied with a heart emoji.Gervais was also called a "comedic legend" by another Twitter user describing themselves as a "trans guy." @evans_0934 got a thumbs up from Gervais when he wrote: "As someone who does cop a lot of that s*** irl your clarification that you believe trans rights are human rights was appreciated."Popular YouTuber Blaire White also had positive things to say about Gervais just as the backlash about.

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