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Uvalde Suspect Salvador Ramos Trans Claims—What We Do Know, What We Don't

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in which at least 19 children and two adults were killed in a school shooting, speculative and misleading narratives about the identity of the alleged shooter, Salvador Ramos, have spread quickly online.Photos circulated on Twitter and other social media purporting that Ramos was both trans and an undocumented immigrant.Media, political and social furor surrounding the issues of sexual and gender identity and immigration have undoubtedly helped fuel such claims quickly, only hours after the shooting took place and before any information could be verified or confirmed.Based on the information available, Newsweek has looked into the substance and sources of these claims, as well as how they have proliferated on social media.Hundreds of social media posts have speculated about the identity of Salvador Ramos, 18, some of which claimed he was transgender without reliable evidence.Multiple tweets, many of which have since been deleted, included photos claimed to be of Ramos wearing feminine clothing; these narratives were subsequently picked up by conspiracy media, including InfoWars and some politicians including Rep.

Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who later deleted the tweet.The man deleted this. Why? It’s illuminating. fact they straight up don't care makes me mad.

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