The Edgar Haircut | What is it and how to style it

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A post shared by Angela at Legacy Barber Lounge (@fadeitup_angie)If you’ve been keeping up with hair trends, you may have noticed a new style making the rounds on Instagram and other social media platforms.

It’s called the Edgar haircut. While this popular style remains contentious – some people will even go so far as to call it tacky – there is no doubt that it’s an eye-grabber.So if you’re looking for ways to wear this look, or if you’re struggling to figure out how to ask for the Edgar haircut from your barber, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we offer up 10 of the best Edgar haircuts, plus a little history lesson on the alleged origins of this cut.RELATED: The best FTM haircut ideasThe Edgar cut is a style of hair that became popular in 2020.

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