Tragus piercing 101: Everything you need to know

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Looking to spice up your accessory game with some new ear swag but think a traditional lobe piercing is too boring? Try a tragus piercing!

Tragus piercings are a stylish type of body modification that’s been around since the 80s. But thanks to celebrities like Rihanna and Scarlett Johansson, they’re gaining popularity as a unique alternative to the usual cartilage piercings we more commonly see.In this article, we’ll cover all your burning questions about tragus ear piercings from how cartilage piercings work, tragus piercing pain, and the different earrings you can rock once it’s all healed.RELATED: A Brief History Of Signaling: The Gay Ear MythSo what exactly is a tragus?

The tragus is the little flap of skin that partially covers the entrance to the ear canal. More specifically, it’s the bit of flesh that holds your earbuds in place.

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