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That time Sandra Bernhard called Mariah Carey the N-word has come back to haunt her again

Pose star Sandra Bernhard is once again being haunted by a racist joke she told over 20 years ago.An old clip from Bernhard’s 1998 comedy special I’m Still Here… Damn It resurfaced on Twitter this week.

In it, she insults Mariah Carey, referring to the singer as “n**gerish” and suggesting she’s not fully Black because she’s technically biracial.“And now (she’s) trying to backtrack on our a**es, acting real ni**erish up there at the Royalton Hotel suite with Puff Daddy and all the greasy, chain-wearing Black men,” Bernhard says in the clip.She then goes on to mimic Carey by speaking in higher-pitched voice, saying, “Oh yeah, Daddy.

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