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US Senate votes to advance bill protecting same-sex marriage

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In a massive win for LGBTQ+ rights, the US Senate has voted in favour of the Respect for Marriage Act. Back in July, the inclusive bill was introduced to the House of Representatives after Justice Thomas wrote that the Supreme Court should “reconsider” various landmark decisions relating to same-sex relationships, same-sex marriage and interracial relationships.

On 19 July, the Respect for Marriage Act passed in the House with a 267 to 157 vote – which would codify same-sex marriage and grant gay couples an array of federal protections.

The legislation would also formally repeal the Defense of Marriage Act – which deemed marriage as a union between a man and a woman back in 1996.

While the bill saw overwhelming support from the House, LGBTQ+ activists and political figures worried that it would stall in the Senate due to the upper chamber’s 50-50 split between Democrats and Republicans.

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