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Cost of living crisis is forcing more LGBTQ+ victims of abuse to stay with abusers

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An increasing number of LGBTQ+ victims of abuse are staying with their abusers due to economic hardship caused by the cost of living crisis.

Content warning: This story may include topics that could make some readers feel uncomfortable. New figures from Galop, the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ anti-abuse charity, found that 100% of its frontline staff reported that unaffordable housing costs and limited access to specialist LGBTQ+ safe spaces are putting survivors of abuse at increased risk of harm.

Members of the community face additional barriers in finding safe accommodation due to risks of discrimination, with waiting lists for inclusive places being incredibly long.

LGBTQ+ survivors are therefore being forced to choose between staying in potentially dangerous housing, homelessness or remaining with their abusers, Galop has warned. “Survivors are returning to perpetrators because they are unable to support themselves financially,” explained one of its frontline workers.

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