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What Does It Mean to Be Pansexual?

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and have spoken about their pansexuality. The superhero Deadpool is pansexual in the Marvel comics, something Ryan Reynolds wants the character to show more in the next film.

The Sandman on Netflix also features a variety of characters who are pansexual. So is Ali (voiced by Ali Wong) on Big Mouth, though it should be noted that her flippant explanation of what it means to be pansexual from the LGBTQ+ community.

Still, representation plants seeds. So what does pansexual mean? It's actually pretty simple: Pansexuality is a sexual identity used to describe those who could be potentially attracted to all people, regardless of gender. (The word “potentially” is important here—a common misconception is that pansexual folks are hypersexual and attracted to every single person.

Not true.) Some people who identify as pansexual put it in the most adorable terms possible and say they care about ".” The reason pansexuality is defined as a sexual identity, rather than a gender identity, says Becca Mui, Ms.Ed., education manager at , is because "it describes people’s feelings of emotional, physical, romantic, and sexual attraction to others, whereas gender identities refer to people’s personal conception of themselves, which may include ‘female,’ ‘androgynous,’ ‘transgender,’ “genderqueer,’ ‘nonbinary,’ ‘male’ and many others, or a combination thereof.” If you find gender isn’t something that dictates your desire for someone, you might be pansexual!

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