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Woman Says 'Landlord From Hell' Ghosted Her After Random Eviction Note

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Princeton University. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a federal eviction moratorium allowed people who suffered economic losses to stay in their homes and avoid settings where the virus spread.

But rent payments were only postponed, not forgiven, leaving Americans with billions of dollars in debt when the moratorium expired.At the same time, rental prices have climbed 17 percent over the past year and inflation is cutting deep into household budgets.Justine, who lives with her wife and children in Clinton, Iowa, shared her eviction story on TikTok.

The family has been renting a house owned by Valley Bluff Townhomes for six months, she said.#housingcrisis #landlordsfromhell #lgbtqdiscrimination #divorce #wlwOn May 12, Justine recorded herself calling her landlord's office in a video with 1.2 million views. "My landlord is pulling some shady s**t," she captioned the clip in text overlay. "After days of ignored texts [and] emails I decided to call them."She added a hashtag calling the property manager a "landlord from hell."Over the phone, Justine said, "I just wanted to touch base with you about the lease.""What about the lease?" her landlord asked flatly."Yeah, I just wanted to confirm that after you got the remainder of the deposit, you weren't going to terminate our year-long lease."After a brief pause, the landlord hung up.Justine then filmed herself visiting the landlord's office in-person, but her knocks and doorbell rings went unanswered.She explained to her audience that a new landlord had taken over her building four weeks prior.

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