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13 hilarious tweets about that gay agenda we’re totally here for

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What’s on your gay agenda today? You must have one—the Christian Right says we all do!After putting up with this popular phrase for 30-some-odd years, Twitter certainly has some thoughts about the gay agenda, as you’ll see below.Anti-LGBT groups like the Family Research Council and Springs of Life Ministries popularized the idea that there’s a “gay agenda” in the 1990s, as Didi Herman wrote in The Antigay Agenda: Orthodox Vision and the Christian Right.

Springs of Life even produced a video series on the topic, which was “intended to be an exposé of the lesbian and gay movement’s secret plans for America,” Herman added.Related: Someone tell this conservative there’s no such thing as “Big Gay”As the Los Angeles Times reported in 1993, Springs of Life officials claimed at the time that they had shipped out more than 25,000 copies of its videotape “The Gay Agenda” across the nation.

Members of Congress got copies, and Gen. Carl Mundy, then the commandant of the Marine Corps, gave copies to other Joint Chiefs of Staff, per the Times.Soon the phrase had become part of the cultural lexicon, especially among conservatives.

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