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13 LGBTQ+ Things You'll Immediately Want To Read And Watch If You've Seen "Heartstopper"

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Heartstopper, then look no further.The show, based on the web comic by Alice Oseman, became one of the best queer shows ever through its authentic and wonderful representation of LGBTQ+ teens and has left many people hungry for more (myself included).From other comics to TV shows, films, and novels, this list has a bit of everything for everyone.For those looking for more gay graphic novel excellence, look no further than Check, Please!

Cut from the same cloth, this Tumblr comic from Ngozi Ukazumade waves during its release, and its success lead to two physical novels that you can usually find right alongside Heartstopper.Check, Please!

is the story of Eric Bittle, a gay skater who ends up getting on a college hockey team and falling for the captain. A story of queer acceptance in sports and a wonderful story full of love and friendship.

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