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21 Twitter confessions about being gay in high school that are way too relatable

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Many of us acknowledged our queerness in our teen years. Whether we expressed it was another story! As covered in depth at LGBTQ Nation, it can take years for queer youth to feel comfortable opening that closet door, and the heteronormative high school experience certainly doesn’t help.“[American society] still broadly pretends that people are straight until, at some point after age 18, they proclaim themselves otherwise,” Charles Dunst wrote for The Atlantic in 2019. “Parents and schools have long recognized the need to accommodate nascent heterosexuality in wholesome ways—for instance, by organizing school dances and providing basic education about how the reproductive system works.”But queerness, Dunst argued, “is widely understood to be inherently and only sexual; by this logic, all things LGBTQ should be relegated to adult spaces.”Related: Gay teens confess their biggest struggles in high schoolSome of the Twitter users quoted below went to great lengths to pass for straight in high school.

Some don’t know how they didn’t know at the time that they were gay. And some — including celebrities Connor Franta and Bianca Del Rio — don’t know how others didn’t know.

Read on for the confessions…i literally had a period in high school when i would half-jokingly call everyone dear, sweetie, honey, sis, and would talk about "spilling the tea" non-stop and people were surprised when i later told them i'm gay??????????/— Ternasyl (@TernasylLuter) October 11, 2022me when ppl in high school asked if i was gay— freak ass (@b0ngmilk) October 5, 2022Somehow didn’t realize I was gay in high school even though I would go on American Apparel’s website just to look at boobs— larnnit (@larnnit) October 5, 2022me.

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