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5 more shows to stream that feature full-frontal male nudity

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Vanity Fair and The New York Times have taken notice!Far be it from Queerty, a totally comparable media institution, to ignore this extremely relevant and thoroughly thought-provoking trend.

Hence: more excellent shows on which you can see wang!OK, this one might be stretching the category of “excellent,” but it’s worth noting that in Episode 8 of this batty Sex and the City reboot, sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) comes face to face with her first penis ever.

Like, literally. The episode find Carrie stressed about her fabulous and very sexually active new neighbor. She drops by to make friends only to be greeted by the younger woman’s latest devastatingly handsome paramour wearing only a towel.

Carrie drops…I dunno, a library card or something, and when she crouches down to retrieve it, the guy accidentally drops his towel, exposing his manhood in all its glory.

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