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6 queer gangsters in movies that make us want to do bad things

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gangster story? And do they know they’re so queer?The seedy underworld of crime, loyalty, and secret lives has a certain romanticism to it–enough so that the “gangster picture” became one of the earliest and most popular genres in movie history.Of course, queer life, at least in the United States, has also always had ties to organized crime.

In the days when LGBTQ people couldn’t live openly, they had to take refuge in mob-owned bars and clubs to meet one another.We’re not sure that qualifies as a symbiosis exactly, though maybe the presence of queer people helps explain the stereotype of the well-dressed gangster.

In any case, Hollywood has occasionally picked up on the queer-gangster link, telling stories about some of cinema’s most seductive bad boys… who also happen to fall for other boys.Have a look at some of our favorite examples, and prepare to fall in love…We still have a crush on Spadino (Giacomo Ferrara), the gay, Gypsy mafioso in training.

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