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I wasn’t taught about LGBT issues in an attempt to ‘protect’ me – it didn’t make me any less trans

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LGBT+ identities are still as important and relevant than they were while I was growing up. Positive representation would have helped me feel like I truly belonged at school, and that it was a safe space.

Long before I came to terms with my identities, I had been called various slurs and bullied for being ‘weird’ or different. For a long time I felt like everyone else was following a rulebook – about how to be a good girl, have a celebrity crush, fall in love with a boy – that I never received.

Any attempts to try and explore the reasons why I didn’t fit in were met with pressure to try and conform to my peers. I believe my parents and my teachers felt comfort in the idea that, without being ‘exposed’ to LGBT+ representation, I would grow up straight and cisgender.

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