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A shocking superstar smooch, the ultimate lipsync moment & more: Your weekly bop rewind

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Happy Queer History Month, and happy weekend!Things got pretty wild this week. A pro athlete came out (and immediately said “jk”), Ed Sheeran gave Sam Smith that super horny gift, and a killer doll named “M3gan” came out of nowhere and slayed the gays.This week in queer music history was somehow even wilder; so wild, in fact, that we can’t even show half of the “age-inappropriate” music videos.From nude biking poses to iconic roses, here’s your weekly bop rewind:With the world’s most thinly veiled metaphor, Queen decided to drop the biconic track the world didn’t know it was waiting for.

This song was not only a moment for bisexuality, but sexuality in general; the music video was skin-bearing enough to get edited or banned in a number of countries.

The band even brought topless women onstage for this number in concert (bicycles in tow, of course). #FreetheNipple lives on.Unlike Whitney, we know exactly why we like it. “So Emotional” gives the more mature, more complex older sister to “How Will I Know?”: still head-over-heels, still conflicted, but now with stakes.

Whitney somehow manages to make cheating sound like the most heinous offense in “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay” and the most romantic scenario in songs like this and “Saving All My Love For You.” And, like any great historical event, many queers still remember exactly where they were when they saw Sasha Velour turn this song into a lip-syncing masterclass and instantly win her season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.In one fell chart-topping swoop, Robin S.

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