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Beauty influencer plays the “I have gay friends!” card after going on insane homophobic rant


????? ????? ????A post shared by ??????.? ?? ?samaraeverywhere# (@lady.samara) on A beauty influencer and “motivational speaker” from Tunisia recently took to Instagram to rail against gay people, calling them “perverts” and “mentally sick.”The 23-minute video by @lady.samara was posted last week and has since sparked an outrage on social media.In it, Samara describes homosexuality as “disgusting” and falsely claims that “gay people are trying to brainwash our children to become gay” and “corrupt our youth.”“I do not respect homosexuality,” she continues. “This disgusting act [is something] I can’t stand seeing.

I can’t see two men kissing. I can’t see two women having sex.”Samara goes on to say she’ll never change her opinion on the.

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