Bella Hadid Regrets Getting Nose Job at 14, Sets the Record Straight on Plastic Surgery Rumors

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Clearing up confusion! While rumors and speculation about Bella Hadid’s plastic surgery have been swirling around for years, the 25-year-old model has officially set the record straight.

In a Tuesday, March 15, interview with Vogue, the runway star confirmed that she did have a nose job — at the age of 14 no less. “I wish I had kept the nose of my ancestors,” she expressed to the publication. “I think I would have grown into it.” While Hadid completely owns up to her nose job, she made a point to squash any and all rumors that she’s had an eye lift or lip filler. “People think I fully f—ked with my face because of one picture of me as a teenage looking puffy.

I’m pretty sure you don’t look the same now as you did at 13, right?” the model explained. She went on to say that she has “never” received filler either.

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