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Cassie Nova • 12-23-22

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Finding the Christmas spirit Happy holidays homos and the few straights that seek me out for my warmth, heart and humor. I hope you are all full of the Christmas spirit.

Christmas spirit is such a weird and wonderful thing, isn’t it? Some years I feel it, and some years I gotta fake it. Since the world of advertisers and the world of early decorators start to force Christmas down your throat before Halloween is even over, it seems like Christmas is here for a little too long.

So by the time Christmas is finally here, I tend to get a little Grinchy. No shade to the early decorators; I firmly believe you should do what makes you happy.

My problem is trying to stay cheery for two months when I can barely be cheery for two hours. Christmas spirit is kind of like a drug, and you are always chasing that high.

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