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Cassie Nova • 05-12-23

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Me, Lee and the Palm Springs escape room What is up my beauties? I have had a very busy last few weeks. I recently went to Palm Springs to visit one of my best friends of more than 30 years, Lee.

Lee was the very first friend I made the first time I ever went to a gay club. That club was The Wave on Maple Avenue, and it was awesome.

It had a dance floor, an arcade room with pool tables and video games, a swimming pool and a sand volleyball court. I actually was not old enough to get into The Wave the first time I went; I was only 17.

So, I did what any determined homosexual would do: I snuck in. I had a girl that I worked with at General Cinema drop me off on the toll road, and then I climbed the 20-foot fence and jumped my gay ass onto the sand volleyball court.

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