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Cis Woman Mistaken as Transgender Records Being Berated in Bathroom

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A woman in Las Vegas says she remains shaken from her experience last week when another woman berated her in a public restroom for being transgender.

The problem is that she’s not trans, and, as she puts it, regardless of whether she had been, the entire situation was plainly wrong.In Las Vegas, Jay, a 24-year-old cis woman, was driving with her boyfriend when she said she had to use the restroom.Jay says the couple stopped at Rampart Casino after being out all day to fix a seat belt on their car.Because she knew she would take longer, she gave her boyfriend some money to gamble while he waited and she went to the bathroom.“As soon as I got in, I went straight to a stall,” Jay tells The Advocate. “About a minute or so in, I start to hear a woman being extremely aggressive.

At first, I wasn’t hearing exactly what she was saying until I started hearing her say, ‘Trans, figure out your identity at home ...

they better not come out of there. .. that’s not allowed ... that’s a boy, [and] they think this is [OK] because it’s being taught in schools.’”As Jay had recently cut her hair extremely short, she realized the woman was referring to her.“I don’t know why I knew because I’ve never had this issue since cutting my hair,” Jay says. “I take out my phone, and I start recording because my first thought was I don’t want her saying I did something in the bathroom and accusing me of anything.” The professional traveling nanny says her motivation to start recording was “more for my safety than anything.”What happened next is captured in a video that Jay posted to her TikTok account.“Figure out your identity in your bedroom,” one can hear a woman saying with a raised and aggressive voice, seemingly speaking to another person in the.

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