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Inside Cara Delevingne’s wild sex life as she donates orgasm to science in new doc – from lift romp to lesbian sex clubs

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CARA Delevingne is not shy when it comes to talking about her sex life. And now the millionaire supermodel is opening our eyes to a whole new world between the sheets in raunchy six-part series Planet Sex, which airs on BBC3 on Thursday.

The documentary covers sexuality, gender fluidity and porn, with the 30-year-old Brit - who has previously described herself as “bisexual” and “pansexual” - opening up about her own sexual experiences along the way.

The model is seen taking part in a masturbation class, having an orgasm in a lab ‘"for science", and snogging other women at a female-only sex club.

Cara - whose exes include Harry Styles, actress Ashley Benson and singer St Vincent - says she had to view sex in a completely different light to make the documentary. “I had to strip back everything I've ever learned and just be myself, which is very energetic, inquisitive, curious and vulnerable,” she says.

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