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GOP Senate Hopeful Says Dems Want to Turn Immigrants Transgender

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Democrats have a master plan to bring undocumented immigrants into the United States to perform gender confirmation surgeries on them and then send a bunch of transgender people around the country to infiltrate society.

None of that is of course, true, but viewers of Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News would not know any better if they saw Ohio's Republican senate candidate J.D.

Vance spout the nonsensical conspiracy theory on primetime TV Thursday evening.Speaking to the right-wing pundit, Vance, who raised money in support of January 6th insurrectionists, came up with the wild assertion that his opponent, Democratic Rep.

Tim Ryan, had plans to bring undocumented immigrants into the country to turn them into transgender people."If you look at [Tim Ryan's] views on, for example, flooding America with illegal aliens, and then using American tax dollars to fund gender reassignment surgeries for those aliens, that's exactly what Tim Ryan has proposed doing," Vance asserts to Carlson who appears intrigued by what he's hearing.Media Matters for America rapid response researcher Katherine Abughazaleh tweeted a clip of Vance's appearance on the show. "This is just mad libs for bigots," one of her follow-up tweets read."They need to not listen to the censors and the warnings," Vance said of the American people, many of whom are alarmed by the right's turn toward fascism and alternative realities.Vance also said that Ryan was the "poster board" for the oligarchy.He added that he's not a threat to democracy as Democrats assert.

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