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Dr. Phil’s show yesterday was a transphobic trainwreck and we don’t even know where to begin

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Dr. Phil is in the hot seat following an episode of his talk show featuring conservative blogger and podcaster/anti-trans activist Matt Walsh.The episode aired on January 19 and featured Walsh, a self-described “fascist,” debating a non-binary couple.

Over the course of the conversation, the couple, identified as “Ethan” and “Addison”, argued with Walsh about what constitutes a woman as he accused them of “appropriating womanhood.”“This is one of the problems with left-wing gender ideology,” Walsh ranted. “No one who espouses it can even tell you what these words mean.

What is a woman?”“You want to appropriate womanhood and turn it into, basically, a ‘costume’ that can be worn.” – @MattWalshBlog— Adam Baldwin (@AdamBaldwin) January 20, 2022Later in the exchange, words got especially heated when Addison asked Walsh, “I’m trying to understand.

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