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French court recognises transgender woman as the mother of her child
#Toulouse the gestation mother appeared on the child's civil status.Since the transgender partner was not recognised as the father, her partner had to adopt her own biological daughter, as the adoptive mother.The couple took legal action and in 2018, a court of appeal in Montpellier ordered that the transgender mother could be mentioned on the child's birth certificate as the "biological parent".But in 2020, France's highest Court of Cassation referred the case to the Toulouse court of appeal.Yesterday's decision recognises the husband, who had become a woman, on the child's birth certificate as the mother - essentially ruling that two maternal filiations could be approved.Since 2016, French law has authorised gender reassignment without sexual reassignment that has allowed distinct legal and biological realities to coexist.But the legislation, according to the Court of Appeal, "leaves an undeniable legal vacuum" due to the lack of a provision relating to the filiation of children born after the change of gender in civil status, even though gestational motherhood is no longer exclusive.The court considered that was in the best interests of the children - and their personal privacy - to make it imperative that children born to a couple in which one of its members is transgender, can have a double affiliation established with respect to both parents.Daily newsletterReceive essential international news every morningKeep up to date with international news by downloading the RFI app