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‘Drag Race’ producer reveals why RuPaul vetoes certain Lip Sync songs

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Drag Race is the gap between RuPaul saying “Good luck, and don’t fu*ck it up” and the start of the Lip Sync For Your Life. Sure we’re all eagerly anticipating the show-stopping smackdown, but there are those few, unspoken seconds where we’re also waiting to hear what song the two queens will be lip-syncing to.Of course, the show has a good track record on that front, frequently delivering bop after bop that will have the fans gagging after just the first few bars.

Over 14 regular seasons, 7 All Stars, and countless international spin-offs, the series has made a habit of finding the perfect music to soundtrack these climactic moments.

There are gay anthems, new party-ready favorites, remixes on classics, and even some left-field picks.Can I get a “quack quack” here?But how does the show decide which songs to use?

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