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Florida Teacher's 'Protect Trans Kids' Shirt Prompts Parent Complaints

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The St. Augustine Record.Following the outcry, Willets "immediately" spoke with the teacher and demanded the removal of the shirt, which they complied with.

No further punishments were leveled against the teacher for the incident, which occurred two days before the Transgender Day of Visibility.Recently signed into law by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, the much-discussed bill forbids the discussion of gender or sexual identity topics with students in the third grade or below and also forbids any such topics deemed "inappropriate" for all other grades.

The latter clause has caused the most consternation amongst Florida educators, who worry that it was left too vague and could conceivably be used to police all discussion of LGBT issues.

The bill also empowers parents to sue schools over lessons they feel are not appropriate.The district also provided The St. Augustine Record with its code of conduct for employees.

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