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WATCH: Randy Rainbow reads Ron DeSantis for filth

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Randy Rainbow has waded into the battle over Florida’s newly-signed “Don’t Say Gay” law. In his latest video, he blasts Florida Gov.

Ron DeSantis, calling him a “slimy self-interested douchebag.” He also claims DeSantis buys all his suits “off the clearance rack of Burlington coat factory.”As we say at Queerty: them’s fighting words!Rainbow has built a career making parody videos, often lampooning anti-LGBTQ politicians for their ignorance and hate-mongering.

The comic has unleashed his more recent skewering at GOP figures, including Sen. Josh Hawley, Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Bobert, as well as Donald Trump.This new video finds Rainbow imitating a “Fake News” anchor, interviewing DeSantis (labeled as “DUH-Santis”) over the “Don’t Say Gay” law.“How would you feel if we signed a bill prohibiting everyone from talking about slimy self-interested douchebag politicians with no sex appeal who buy all their suits off the clearance rack of Burlington coat factory?” Rainbow asks.DeSantis, appearing via stock footage, answers “We at the state can stop that.”From there, Rainbow launches into “Gay!” a parody version of the song “Shy!” from Once Upon a Mattress.

The alternate lyrics mock defenders of the “Don’t Say Gay” policy that claims it protects children from “grooming” to be gay or transgender later in life.

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