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Gay Redditors list what they look for in a Grindr match, besides looks

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A sexy Grindr profile pic can do all the talking—especially with the dating app’s recently-relaxed nudity rules—but some users are looking for more than just thirst traps.So what can you write to attract someone with your profile?Guy guys revealed what kinds of words get their Grindr gears in motion in a recent Reddit thread after one person asked, “When browsing Grindr, besides aesthetics, what prompts you to interact with other members?”Here’s a sampling of responses, edited for clarity:“Guys who say hello or say something interesting instead of immediately sending a picture of their d*ck and assh*le unsolicited, even when my profile says to not do that.”“Honestly, it’s one of two things: They’d f*ck me like a nasty slut, or they seem.

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